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  • Unlimited mileage!
  • Fire Insurance
  • 24 hour Road Service
  • Theft Insurance
  • CDW (Collision Damage Waiver)
  • Third Party Insurance
  • PAI Personal Accident Insurance
  • FCDW (Full Collision Damage Waiver. See local and general terms & conditions)
  • All taxes (local, airport and VAT)
  • Free ASC (Airport Service Charge)
  • 1 additional Driver
  • 1 Child/Baby seat (on request)
  • Road Map
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Car Rental Guide

Before Booking a Car
  • Check and compare Prices: Many car rental companies show a low price on the internet, but it almost never includes full coverage. Prices quoted by are total with absolutely no hidden costs or surcharges.
  • Rental terms/conditions: Are taxes, CDW and other insurances included? What is the excess (deductible) amount? All prices from include CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) and FCDW (Full Collision Damage Waiver).
  • Operating hours: Our car rental partners can deliver your car any time of the day, any day of the week, at most of our destinations.
  • Which type of car do you really need? In most of our destinations you will not NEED a 4WD (although it might be fun to drive one!). It is also more comfortable to choose a car with air conditioning instead of one with an open top.
  • Do you need any extras? Please order any additional extras (such as car seats, ski racks, additional driver, etc) at the time of booking. It'll save you money.
  • Child seat: Consider bringing your own baby seat or booster seat as safety standards for child seats may be significantly lower than in your country of origin.
  • Roof rack: Consider renting a bigger car rather than a smaller one with a roof rack as it is safer to drive a car without a roof rack and you won't be risking ski equipment theft. There is no insurance that covers personal item theft or loss resulting from use of or damage caused by a roof rack.
Before Leaving Home
  • Check the traffic laws for the country you are traveling to. Such information can be requested from the embassy or consulate of the country you will visit. You can also find useful information in our Travel Guide.
  • Be sure your driver's license is valid and check if you also need an international one. Check our terms and conditions for additional info.
  • Remember to bring your car rental voucher so you can pick up your vehicle!
Your Mobile Phone
  • Do you have a mobile phone and does it work in the country you are visiting? Check with your mobile phone provider to see if any changes need to be made to your plan so you can receive and/or make international calls. Also remember that you will be charged for incoming calls from your country of origin while you are abroad.
  • Please note that in many countries it is forbidden to use a mobile phone while driving. Ask your rental car provider for local regulations.
  • All prices from include CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) and FCDW (Full Collision Damage Waiver).
    Some car rental companies might offer extra insurances upon delivery of the car, like PAI (personal accident insurance) and FDW (Full Damage Waiver).
  • Check with your travel insurance provider to see if you need to purchase PAI (Personal Accident Insurance) as you may already be covered by your policy.
  • For your convenience you can opt to purchase extra insurance locally to avoid any excess payments to the car rental company at your destination.
Exceptions to FCDW Insurance
  • Charges for any of the damages below will be charged directly to the client, the most important being the following: Antenna, trays, damage to car lock, loss or damage to keys, windshield wipers, mirrors, spare key and car jack, hubcap, lights, gas cap, warning triangles, damage to the upholstery of the car, extreme dirtiness in the car, underside damage, damage due to offences of traffic laws, tire punctures and burst tires, fuel errors, damage to child seats and baby seats, lack of electricity because of forgotten turn on electrical devices. The car rental company, in any case, is not obligated to replace a flat tire or damages to music equipment, damages caused by the client having used the wrong kind of fuel, damages caused by off-road driving, or tow-away charges.
  • Some of our car rental partners offer extra insurance to cover the above exceptions locally. Damage caused by drunk driving or negligent driving will not be excluded from the client's direct responsibilities under any circumstances.
  • In some locations there is an additional insurance for Wheels / Underside and Glass (WUG), which can be purchased at the time of booking. For your location, you will see all the available extras after having selected a car category.
  • No insurance covers damage caused intentionally or through wreckless driving.
  • Extra option prices listed on the web page are valid only when those options are purchased at the same time that the car is booked online. Most of these extras can also be purchased locally, albeit at a slightly higher cost.
When Picking Up Your Rental Car
    Please check all of the following:
  • is there any damage to the car (scratches, dents, nicks, etc)? Have it written down on your contract.
  • Check to make sure that there is a spare tire and all the necessary tools for changing a flat tire.
  • DO NOT forget to take your copy of the contract!
  • Make sure you have local currency for tolls, gas, etc. Not all petrol stations accept credit cards.
  • Know when and where the rental vehicle should be returned in order to avoid late return or other fees.
  • Ask the representative for directions to your destination.
  • Find out what type of fuel your rental car takes.
  • Ask what you should do in case of an accident/damage. At some destinations it may be necessary to make a police report even for the smallest damage.
  • Have your car rental agent's telephone number available in case you need to contact them.
Driving Tips
  • Who's driving?
    If you are sharing the driving, make sure that all drivers are authorized (their names should appear on the rental contract) and that they all have a valid driving license and passport and meet the rental terms and conditions.
  • Plan extra stops
    Remember to take frequent breaks. It will make your trip a lot safer and enjoyable especially if you're traveling with children.
  • Observe Local Traffic Laws and Speed Limits
    Please check with your local rental car agent about local traffic laws and speed limits in your chosen destination. Remember you are responsible for your own safety while driving and for any traffic tickets you may receive.
  • Use Safety Seat Belts
    We strongly advise that all passengers wear seatbelts while in the rental vehicle. Children need to be properly restrained in baby or booster seats as appropriate.
  • Park in Designated Areas
    Please park in designated areas only. When in doubt please contact the local authorities or your car rental provider.
  • Prevent Theft
    Always make sure that no valuables or any personal belongings are left in plain view inside the rental vehicle. No insurance covers personal item loss or theft!
  • Know where you're going
    A local map is provided with every vehicle rental. Please check it before leaving or ask your car rental agent for directions to your destination.
In Case Of An Accident
    In the unlucky event of an accident the most important advice is:
  • STAY CALM and try not to panic!
  • If anybody is injured, help them first and call for an ambulance if needed.
  • Call the car rental company.
  • Call the police and make a report of the accident/damage.
  • Obtain as much information as possible about the other vehicle and driver including their name, registration number, insurance company etc.
  • In case of mechanical breakdown contact the car rental company or Road Assistance.